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 Useful Traveling Tips

Tips Straight From An Experienced World Traveler

Look like a confident traveler when you are journeying, whether inside the US or abroad. Take these helpful tips from our agent who has traveled a lot and is very experienced. Learn what to do at the airport, with your carry-on and more! Why Not Travel? wants to make your vacation as amazing and stress free as possible.

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What You Should Know Before Your Trip

Airport Check-In

--check in and be at the airline ticket counter AT LEAST 2 to 3 hours prior to departure--this means be at the counter, not driving up, allow plenty of time to park. Even though it is early early in the morning, many times, but there have been clients who were denied boarding because they got to the ticket counter only one hour ahead of time. Whether it be due to long lines, traffic delays, or just a late arrival to the airport, you can be denied.  

--Be sure to check with the airline the night before or day of departure to be aware of any last minutes changes to your flight schedule. This can and does happen. Many airlines have text notifications that you can set up just for those notifications of flight delays, or check you airline's website for details on how to check for any last minute changes. As always ask us for any assistance.


--Traveling out of the US? Look for you passport NOW! Make sure that you know where it is , that it is valid, that it has not expired nor will expire for at least 6 months post return date of your trip. Many countries will not grant you entry if your passport expiration dates is less than 6 months post return date. Make sure that you have a PASSPORT BOOK and not a passport card!! Make sure that there is no damage to your passport such as water damaged, bent, creased, torn or any other major damage. We have had clients be denied boarding and miss their entire trip simply because they were required to get a new passport. If you do have damage to your passport, please tell us.

Date Roaming

--Don't forget to turn the Data Roaming on your mobile phone off when you travel outside the US or you may receive a huge bill when you get home. It is usually best to call your carrier and let them know of your travels. Most companies have plans and suggestions for your trip.


--When you are traveling outside of the US, you may see many things done differently than in the US. You may see the local police carrying really big guns or your resort may have barbed wire around their property. Don't let this scare you, this is normal and NOT done because of heightened danger, it is just their "normal" for security procedure. But, at the same time it is still prudent to keep safety in mind abroad just as it is at home in the US.

Bug Bites

--Bug bites. Here is a web site with tips,
Travel Advisories & Warnings

--Travel advisories, travel warnings, health advisories, or any restrictions related to the destination you are traveling to or through can change on a daily basis for various reasons. We here at Why Not Travel? do our very best to keep you updated, but it is the sole responsibility of the traveler to stay up to date on any travel advisories or warnings issued by the US Government, Centers for Disease Control, or any other organizations that may pertain to your trip. Again while the travel agency does it's best to keep clients informed of any health information related to your destination, you need to ensure that you are aware of the health risks and issues that may effect you. It is recommended that you speak with your health care professional or Doctor to determine any precautions that you many need. Precautions may include medications/prescriptions, vaccinations, medical devices, motion stickiness patches,or just good ol' sound medical advice. Other information can be found at 

--Should a travel advisory or warning be issued, insurance may or may not cover cancellations. Those terms and conditions are decided by the insurance company that the insurance was purchased from and not by Why Not Travel? or it's agents.

Traveling with Children

--If you are traveling with children and both legal parents are not traveling, it is the sole responsibility of the traveler to ensure that the proper documentation is obtained and taken with you during the trip. We have known of grandparents not being allow to board their grandchildren on a flight because the parents were not in person. If you have questions, in cases of separated or divorced parents, traveling with foster children, traveling with family or friends children, it may be best to ask a lawyer for their best advise. Their advise may include having the parent or guardian's permission notarized and just as importantly, make multiple copies of this document! 

Traveling While Pregnant

--If you or a traveling companion are pregnant or become pregnant after you have initially booked the trip, you must notify us as airline and cruise lines have various restrictions on travel. Most cruise lines do not allow travel after the 24th week of pregnancy and insurance does not cover cancellation for a normal pregnancy and the cancel fees would apply.

Rental Cars

--Car rentals require all renters to have a major credit card. In addition, age restriction may also apply. Some states are checking driving records and may refuse to rent to someone whose driving record is questionable. Make sure you bring a copy of your car insurance with you for proof in case you have a problem and have elected not to take the rental companies insurance.

Hotel Credit Card Policies

--Please understand that hotels require a cash deposit or major credit card upon check in. They may also require that the card that the reservation was made with be present at the time of check in. Many hotels do charge a resort fee upon arrival. Why Not Travel? has no control over the hotel requirements or fees. Please ask for policy information is you do not have a major credit card that is not a debit card.

Trip Cancellations

--Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance is available at an additional cost to protect you from certain unexpected events. The terms of insurance coverage are controlled by the actual insurance policy issued.  

--Suppliers charge penalties that range from a nominal fee to the entire cost of the trip if you cancel. Please make sure you understand the penalties involved and what travel insurance will and will not cover.
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