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Why Don't We Have an Online Booking Engine?
With the multitude of tour companies and cruise line out there, Why Not Travel? would like to offer a more personalized service for our clients. With your information and our knowledge, together we can create the best experience for the money you want to spend. 

You may come in thinking you want a cruise, but in the end, is it truly what you want or are you just settling? Don't be a call-back number on an automated list! Contact us today with your wish list and let us build your dream vacation!

Meet Our Travel Agents

My name is Deena Weinacht (pronounced as "Why Not.") I was born and raised with the "Why Not" philosophy! I have never been one to ignore an adventure or have trouble sharing in my "wanderlust!" 

I am new in the travel industry, but my passion for travel and adventure was kindled by hearing amazing stories of world travels at a young age; and now, I want to help you discover your own adventure and write your own tales to share with the world!  

I hope that you take this journey with me as I continue to learn and grow in my knowledge and love of culture, food, music, and history. I have an amazing team of agents guiding and helping me when needed. We have years of knowledge and experience, and we look forward to helping you. 

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Deena Weinacht

I am Jodi Loveless, a locally grown Tecumseh SAVAGE with over 12 years of experience in this wildly changing industry. My world travels so far have included: Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Mexico, the Caribbean, and so many more! I firmly believe in selling what you know and having a great time making acquaintances and life-long clients along the way with extraordinary customer service. We here at Why Not Travel? know how to get you where yon never even thought you wanted to go! Romantic Honeymoons, dedicated destination weddings, funky friendship getaways, multinational fun and luxury rolled into one! Among many awards and achievements, I hold a CLIA certification, as well as an ACC{Accredited Cruise Councilor}, Master Agent with AMRESORTS, Oahu destination specialist, Disney destination specialist, and a CSS {Certified Sandals Specialist}.

I have fallen in love with the world and cannot wait to share in my passion for life, food, history, art, and culture with you. Come and see Deena and I at Why Not Travel? and let us help you plan your adventure today!
Deena Weinacht
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